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Why should you exercise?

Hollywood has always made exercise about weight loss.

Hollywood has always made exercise about weight loss. Though in reality we often underestimate exercise and what it can do for us (weight loss completely aside). About 5 years ago I fell into a depression that I really couldn’t kick. How did I get out of it? Exercise! 

So when I talk about exercise, I am passionate about it because being active keeps me happy. Adding a physical activity to your day will stimulate all your feel-good transmitters, such as your sex life, balancing your hormones and improving your health for a longer, better life. Also, stop right there if you’re thinking about the gym! The gym is great but there are a ton of other ways to exercise and I’ll mention them below. 

Hormones Affected by Exercise:

– Dopamine

It’s true that studies show that there is in increase of dopamine levels in the brain from exercising which removes stress!

– Serotonin

When is the last time you had a great night sleep? Millions of Americans suffer from sleep apnea and insomnia. If you exercise a lot, you’ll sleep soundly. The boost in serotonin also impacts your mood in a positive way and helps with digestion, memory and sexual functions. 

– Estrogen

We’ve talked a lot about Premenopause, Perimenopause and Menopause and how it is caused from a decline of estrogen. Exercise is a great way to boost your estrogen levels and give a little push back to Menopause

Other Health Benefits:

  • Reduces your risk of dementia

Young or old, it’s never to early to work your mind. One form of exercise with great benefits is dancing. You’re learning skills like memory and connection while exercising. Overall, staying active can boost mind function and energy. 

  • Improves your sex life

 According the the Harvard School of Public Health, 20 minutes of regular exercise a day can improve your sexual response. If you can exercise with you partner, even better. Exercise will trigger adrenaline and dopamine that will get you in the mood. 

  • Improves digestion 

The Gastroenterological Society of Australia did a study that found exercise helps intestinal muscles break down your food. Turns out exercise can also prevent constipation. 

  • Reduces Stress, depression and anxiety

You heard me talking about it earlier. Exercise got me out of a depression. Working out clears your mind, helps you relax and keeps anxiety and depression from coming back. This is because of the release of neurotransmitters and endorphins along with a raise in your body temperature that calms your nerves. 

The list goes on! Exercise improves your confidence in all elements of your life, helping you perform better at work and in school, while increasing your focus. So what are your options?

Forms of Exercise:

The Gym or Home Workouts

We all know this one, it’s the first thing that comes to mind. The benefits being that it’s on your own timeline and you can find a gym almost anywhere or home workout equipment! The downside is it can be hard to stay motivated to go unless you have a routine or a friend who can keep you engaged. 

Swing dancing

I’m 90% sure you can find swing dancing near you. It’s a innocent and fun atmosphere with an amazing group of people. Not to mention if you want to travel, there is a swing dancing event going on somewhere in the world, every single weekend. You can meet great people and dancing is an amazing form of exercise (Lindy Hop, Collegiate Shag, Balboa) that gets you smiling and interacting with others. It’s one of the most welcoming communities you can find. The best way to search for one is by going to Google and typing in Swing Dancing and the State you’re in. Swing dancing groups are all ages. This is the form of exercise I did to get out of my depression and after it fixed me, I never left! 

Martial Arts

The Founder of The Smoo Co, Karagan is a huge Jiu-Jitsu fan. She loves making this her form of exercise and it leaves her feeling exhausted but it’s also rewarding. This self-defense style of martial arts is a combat sport with an emphasis on ground fighting. There are a ton of different types of Martial arts you could enjoy. So jump on the internet and find the right one for you. Fencing is a great form of exercise as well, it doesn’t fall under Martial Arts but it is worth looking into.

Exercise should be added to your daily routine for optimal results, an “every other day” routine works great too. It’s important with any change, that if you want results, you need to make it a life change! Focus on consistency and sticking with it. Eventually you’ll love the positive feelings so much that you won’t stop! 


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