Self-Care Starts Here!

Self-care is deliberately doing an action take care of your mental, emotional, and physical health. Sounds easy right?! But honestly, it can be easier to give up things for others (friends, family, kids) and we often overlook doing something or giving-up something to improve our own mood and reduce anxiety. Though we often forget that good self-care is key for a good relationship with yourself and others.

Take a moment and answer these questions to better understand your need for self care…

✨Do you feel exhausted even after a good nights sleep?
✨Do you feel like you could take a nap, or that you can’t keep your eyes open but then you get off of work (or whichever task you were doing) and you suddenly feel awake and full of energy?
✨Do your thoughts and plans feel fuzzy and unclear?
✨Do you have a difficult time trusting your intuition?
✨Do you feel disconnected from the things you care about?
✨Do you feel vaguely dissatisfied with your life and you want to know once and for all how to address it?
If you answered YES to any of these, you need to make a change.


Self-Care Starts Here:
✨ ACTIVELY PLAN! Self-care doesn’t just happen but you can add self-care to your day. Helpful Hints: Add activities to your calendar and tell people around you what you are planning to do. This will increase your commitment and help it stay at the forefront of your mind.
✨ CHOOSE YOU! Stay aware of what you do and why you’re doing it. Write down how it feels when you add self-care to you day and what the outcome is. Here is an example: canceling plans gave me time to work in peace, which brought me joy, it was a self-care choice.
✨ MAKE A LIST! Self-care is different for everyone but making your own list can help. You can start with a “no” list which includes things you don’t like or you no longer want to do. Here is an example: Not answering the phone when you’re on your lunch break, not checking emails right before bed, or not going to particular gatherings. Also start with a “yes” list! Things you love to do but never make time for. Here is an example: Waking up early to write, making time for a bath, taking a pottery class.


Set up 15 days on a calendar that include self-care tactics and actually DO THEM! Schedule them in like an important appointment with yourself 🙂 That is right, hold yourself accountable and see how it makes you feel each day. Reflect back on the week, do you feel lighter, happier?

Self-care takes practice and once you get into the mind-set, much like happiness, you’ll find it easier to incorporate into your days. Good luck, we know you’ve got this!

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