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Manifesting your Dream Life 101

Karagan breaks down an easy to follow step-by-step guide how to scientifically manifest your dream life. Intentions = Your reality!

Manifesting your Dream Life 101: Visualize the process, step by step, in extreme detail. (And no, it doesn’t mean raising your inner vibration 😜) 

It all starts with intention. Intention & what you focus on literally shapes your reality; This is why I’m huge fan of vision boarding and dreaming bigger than the stars.

Manifestation is definitely a thing. But does this mean that the world just automatically sends what you want your way as long as you dream it? No, but it does all start with a daydream and visualization.

You see, the subconscious mind is a crazy thing – and so often, what’s happening in your life, good or bad is a direct correlation to the intentions that you’ve set for yourself and often without realizing it. “Manifestation (I.e. creating your dream life) happens when your conscious goals are aligned with your subconscious desires.” – Alexis Rockley

Visualization is HUGE in getting the life you’ve always dreamed of or even reaching smaller goals. As an example, I used visualization all the time when I was competing in powerlifting. (For those who don’t know, I was an internationally elite ranked powerlifter). When I’d go into my big lift that I hadn’t hit before or with confidence, I would close my eyes and picture myself lifting the weight and the feeling I’d have once it was lifted. Let me tell you, IT WORKS! I’ve shared this method with my friends across many different scenarios and they can contest! Visualization is used when you need physical and mental energy to make change happen. And… THIS is how you “manifest your dream life”.

Want to put this into action? Grab a piece of paper or your notes on your phone and answer these questions:

  1. What do I want? (A new job? A feeling? Love?)
  2. Imagine and write down in detail what it feels like when you’ve achieved what you want. 
  3. Visualize the details. Write down crazy specific details about how it looks, feels, smells, tastes etc. when you’re where you want to be. 
  4. Make a vision board of the things you want (I love Pinterest for this! But magazines are always fun)
  5. Tell someone about your goal that you trust.
  6. Trust in the outcome.
  7. Bonus tip: Put it into action with small, achievable goals. Even just 5 minutes a day! We love the 5 Minute Theory. Read more here!

Whether or not, you decide to do this exercise… never be afraid to fantasize of a successful life past your wildest dreams because it all starts there. 🙂 

Let’s turn our dreams into reality! ❤️

Wishing you the best in life love!


Karagan O.

Founder/CEO of S’moo


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