Finding Connection During Quarantine

This has been a very difficult year and as the holidays approach, some of us or people we might know are having a hard time staying positive and connected to the world around us. This can leave us feeling helpless. What can we do? Well, we wanted to share a few ideas.

This has been a very difficult year and some of us or people we might know are having a hard time staying positive and connected to the world around us. This can leave us feeling helpless. What can we do? Well, we wanted to share a few ideas.

First I wanted to mention that connection doesn’t mean another person or people per se. You can get a since of joy and connection to the world around you in other ways.

10 Minute Call: Your friends can give you energy, even their voice can lift your spirit. Try scheduling a quick, fun call, just ten minutes in the morning to help you get ready for the day ahead! Sometimes the beginning of the day is the hardest, think of this call like making your bed, it’s a task that sets you a path of achievement and positivity.

Reading: If you don’t like reading then you haven’t found the right genre! I’m not kidding, there is a genre for everyone, young adult, new adult, sci-fi, romance, adventure, murder mysteries and more. Not a strong reader? Try listening to an audio book, you can rent them for free through your library.  I’ve been reading the “Red Rising” series by Pierce Brown and I’ve felt so alive and connected to the characters, it truly feels like new friends, not to mention the fictional series has a lot of elements that are parallel to the current Covid-19 situation and so it allows me to feel as though others understand. Connection is about shared experience.

Spread gratitude: Kindness makes you happy. Since we can’t smile at a stranger and spread that smile, we have to find other ways. Here are a few options! Take a moment to reflect on your past and who has supported you or brought you joy. Send them a text letting them know or better, write them a small note and send it in the mail.

Start new conversations: It’s super hard to be the first person to start a conversation but it’s something we often avoid doing. Try opening up, instead of lurking on social media without saying anything or commenting on a large feed, reach out in a private message and start a conversation. Try something like, “Working on anything exciting lately?” “I was thinking about how _____ inspires me. Who is your role model?” Opening these lines of communication might form a new pen pal so to speak and give you a sense of connection.

Invest in a Hobby: This doesn’t have to mean invest money, but invest time. It’s hard to find something you’re passionate about but once you find it, it can not only make you feel connected to the world but to yourself. What do I mean by that? Hobbies that you are truly invested in, help you meditate. Scrap booking, painting, singing, dancing, origami, cooking all have a level of complexity that is a ‘choose your own adventure difficulty level’ and if you push yourself your mind will enter a different space which can, in turn, bring peace. How does this give you a connection? A connection can be with the world, not just a single person or group of people.

Make a self-care list: Sometimes when we feel disconnected from the world, we stop treating ourselves with the love and care we need. Part of wanting to get re-connected and making that effort is feeling like ourselves again. Feeling whole. If you haven’t felt like yourself in awhile making a self-care list can get you back on track. Rewatching your favorite movie, talking to an old friend, writing in your diary, taking a bath while drinking some wine. Who knows! Reference this list and try to do one item on your list a day until you feel better! Repeat when needed.

This current world is very uncertain and different than any of us could have thought. There are short term and long term difficulties that have arisen and sometimes our minds can get lost in it. My last suggestion is that if you’re going to be on social media, try to find private groups that are supportive. An example of this is the Smoo Babe Community where women are reaching out to the group when they need a little extra support. Groups like these allow a safe space and lets you know you’re not alone. Also surrounding yourself with positive quotes and inspirational phrase is helpful for lifting spirits. The S’moo text club might be right for you, just text smoobabe to 562-262-4755 for a little extra sweetness to your day.  Stay strong my S’moo Babe! We can get through this together, you’re not alone. 

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