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Reminder for today: Don't let other people decide who you are. That's for you to decide!

Reminder for today: Don’t let other people decide who you are. That’s for you to decide!

Okay, let’s talk. Have you ever had something that someone told you stick with you for forever?! Have you ever had that thing define you or how you see your worth?! I know I certainly have, throughout my my life and even to this day. In fact, I still remember to this day that in 6th grade I was told I have weird knees & have spent the rest of my life thinking about it 😂

It’s so funny how that all works. The reality is that people will always have something to say, but the truth?! That every single part of you down to the bones in your body are beautiful, unique and your very own.

What if we took what people use to tear us down to build us up? To change our outlook and see that those different things are what makes us unique, and make us our beautiful very own selves. What if we chose to be proud of our own uniqueness, to not let our failure define us, nor let the words people say stick to us and prevent us from who we are meant to be.

At the end of the day, the people you are surrounded with don’t get the final word of who you are & who you are going to be. Don’t forget that the next time any of those old tapes of what people said play in your mind ❤️ And yes, if you want to wear a pink cow print set and strut through the office – I say go for it 


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