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Vulnerability Without Pity

Let’s talk about authenticity. Authenticity is something we’re seeing more and more as the new world of social media has come about. I’m all about it and feel fortunate that the S’moo Babes Belief System has become instrumental to me and others in remembering that there is hope for all of us.

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How Stress Effects You

Stress, has very real physical effects on your body. Women with PCOS can experience different levels of Stress from PCOS physical symptoms of the condition, such as excessive facial and body hair. It’s important to remember if you’re experiencing this kind of stress…

Mental Health

Holiday Fun & Positive Thinking

Sometimes as we get older, the holidays can feel less magnificent and adult life can creep in with stresses and struggles that make it so a Christmas tree doesn’t hold the same magic. Positive thinking has been shown to reduce stress and lower depression. Here’s some ideas to help!