Hormone Balance

Caffeine – Why you should cut it out of your life like an EX!

Caffeine affects everyone differently but did you know that caffeine disrupts your hormones for a full 24 hours!? And if you’re trying to get pregnant (especially if you already have PCOS) stay away from the caffeine. Find out more here!

Ex’s are a complicated subject and sometimes as addictive as Caffeine! What am I talking about? We’ve all done it, or thought about it: getting back together with an Ex. It’s so common that it’s became a dating cliche and let’s be honest, relationships are complicated! Maybe you don’t want anything to do with your Ex, but I’m sure you’ve had a friend who either can’t break up their bad relationship or they keep coming back to their Ex. Just like Caffeine… good or bad it’s hard to let go! Not only are we creatures of habit, we are also addicted to feelings. Okay, it’s more complicated than that because of dopamine! We like things that make us feel good (or bad in the case of your ex) but good or bad, elements of our caffeine addiction or relationship can release dopamine and make it very hard to let go! 

I guess the first thing to start with is WHY!

Why are you staying away from that EX or trying to get back to gather with them? You’ll have to figure that one out and see if it’s worth it or not but I’ll help you with the Caffeine part… so WHY are you going to avoid Caffeine? 

Well, Caffeine affects everyone differently but did you know that caffeine disrupts your hormones for a full 24 hours!? And if you’re trying to get pregnant (especially if you already have PCOS) stay away from the caffeine.  Studies show that women who consume three cups of coffee a day increased their chances of miscarriage by 74%. Coffee also disrupts ovulation and for women with Ovarian Cysts, PCOS, Endometriosis and a few others – well caffeine will only create more cysts! For women who are less sensitive hormonally, it might not cause cysts, but it will disrupt your system.

Is it worth it?

You’re thinking, have you tried the nitro cold brew at starbucks? That thing gets your blood pumping! Boy, I know. Talk about feelings. I love Caffeine (I’m sipping a spiced chai coffee with almond milk right now) and I’ll be paying the price but I’m not as sensitive as some and I’m also not trying to get pregnant but I do notice the difference in my body when I give in. So how can you tell if you have a hormone imbalance and need to stay away from caffeine? 

Symptoms of a hormone imbalance:

Severe period cramps, PMS, Moodiness/depression, Low energy, Sugar cravings, Anxiety, Low sex drive, Bloating, Acne, Steady weight gain, Inability to lose weight, Chronic exhaustion/fatigue, Cyclical migraines, Breast or ovarian cysts, Endometriosis, PCOS

If you’re experiencing any of these, I’d suggest cutting caffeine out for good or at least 6 months to see how different you feel. I’m always doing evaluations on my own where I cut out different foods or drinks to see how it changes my body. 3-6 months is the best way to test this and you have to cut it out completely. Once your body regulates you’ll be able to feel the difference or see the change. If not and you go back, at least you know. Maybe being clean of it for that long will give you a more dramatic response that really drives home the idea that you should stay away. Like seeing an Ex again and remembering why you broke up in the first place! 

Do you have a Caffeine intolerance? 

My father-in-law has one and man is it weird. He can’t have a coca-cola without getting extremely irritable and I mean extreme! The most calm, sweet person ever and just a dramatic change after caffeine. That was the first time I took notice of what it can do to some people. What’s important to remember is even without seeing the changes, it doesn’t mean it isn’t affecting you in some way! 

Most people drink Coffee, Soda or Teas to get that familiar pick-me-up feeling (btw you should just take S’moo because it has a great pick-me-up feeling without Caffeine). 

If you’re drinking anything caffeinated and feeling the following—you may have a caffeine intolerance—it’s important to monitor your body after you’ve had caffeine and to keep track if it with notes to see if it is happening everytime:

Anxiety, Insomnia, Fatigue, High blood pressure, Digestive distress, Restlessness, imbalanced blood sugar, Racing heartbeat.

Sometimes these symptoms might be diagnosed as other things like adrenal fatigue or anxiety disorders, but the real culprit might be coffee or other caffeinated beverages.

Why is it bad for me again? I don’t want to Quit! 

Oh to be a woman! People just don’t understand how complicated it can be because of our hormones! But here are your reasons:

  • Caffeine may increase the risk of benign breast disease (BBD)
  • Caffeine consumption is linked to infertility.
  • Caffeine messes with your hormones and we all know (based on all my blogs) how important balanced hormones are!!!!! 

How are you going to cut out your EX… I mean Caffeine! Sorry they are just so similar… but seriously if you’re afraid of withdrawal (from your Ex or Caffeine) DON’T WORRY! You can quit. I’m not saying it isn’t going to be hard but here are some steps that might help. 

  • Nourish your adrenals with herbs like Ashwagandha and Maca powder.
  • Take vitamin B supplements and Vitamin D supplements!  
  • Use magnesium to balance your mood, and combat headaches.
  • Rehydrate with coconut water or watermelon water that is rich in electrolytes or pick up some electrolyte-infused waters. 
  • Eat a well! Breakfast is always important (I’m not saying cereal and a donut). Have a healthy breakfast that can get you through the day! 

At the end of the day, ending things with your Ex for good is probably the right idea. Even if they broke up with you, you don’t want someone who doesn’t value how amazing you are. Plus now that you’re free of Caffeine you’re going to be that much more amazing. They will want you back but you know they can never have you 😉 


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